Monday, 31 March 2008

It's like Canada, eh?

Its Sunday and I am sitting in one of the bars in the Royal York hotel in downtown Toronto. Its rather nippy outside and they say snow is coming. Time for me to leave I think.

I've had an absolutely wonderful week. It is one thing seeing old friends, and I'm lucky to have been able to see many, but to see all the children that my friends are raising has been fabulous! I found that I'm pretty good with kids - Catie, Hannah, Emily andc liam are really great. My immaturity has finally paid off! But, I did meet my match today in the form of carrigan. She a beautful wee thing and I was forced to bribe her with timbits (the hole of the donut for the uninitiated).

Its worth saying that my stomach has not faired well this week, as I've eaten what feels like my own body mass in donuts. Who would have thought homer could be so right?

A surprise this week was a tour of downtown Hamilton, known affectionately as 'the hammer' to the locals. If you've seen 28 Days Later then you don't need to visit, you already know too much!

Thanks to a paramedic friend, Dan, I had a midnight tour (post pub) of the Hammer's fire house, during which EMS and an appliance were called out. And yes, the fireman really did slide down poles to get to their engines!! I had a shot in a fire truck and chatted with a very nice fireman, who boasted a mammoth moustache - think the wild west, 1845. It was a cracker.

I figured that starting my holiday in Toronto would be a great idea but I had no clue just how good it would be. Years may pass but wow, old friends all picked up right where we left off. I've felt very lucky this week.

I had a fabulous reunion at milestones.

I had a super time with Lynn, who I can always count on to not only tolerate but accompany my bad singing.

I had a great time walking around bronte harbour but wish we had had much more time together.

Damn if beer at Emma's back porch didn't prove to be rip roaringly hilarious.

So, that's Toronto, or thereabouts. A massive thanks to those who welcomed me into their homes and put up with me hogging the mirror every time I walked by one. You made this week truly brilliant.

Now, on to NY.