Saturday, 12 April 2008

Escape from Minneapolis: Just in Time

I spent 3 very chilled days in one half of the Twin Cities. I ventured out only to wonder through the University of Minneapolis campus, conveniently located right next to my hotel. Oh, and it won't be news to any of you that I also went to the mall. Though, not just any mall. Mall of America, the biggest and brightest of them all.

It was a rest break more than anything else, and a welcome change from pounding the pavement in Chicago and NYC. Though excitement of the wrong order came after I'd left the hotel, which thankfully undercharged me for my late check out to the tune of about $50. Thanks so much. The hotel shuttle took me to the station during a flash snow storm that looked set to well and truly dump on the city. There were a few cars strewn along the roadside. The shuttle, crawling at about 10 miles and hour narrowly avoided a 360 spin into oncoming traffic. I wonder if the $2 tip I paid the driver reflected my value?

The journey through the night was like a scene from 'March of the Penguins'. And before you ask, think about it..


Anonymous said...

Yuck! Snow in April??? Bleck!

jencanadian said...

hahaha, of course $2 doesnt reflect your value bro..... Me & the Deej laughed hysterically at this. Then I read it to Dot on the phone (her work wont let her access the web page) and she was giggling with delight the whole way through. You are wasting your talents in RBS......XX