Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ever feel like a cat in a washing machine?

So, can you say, mind blown??  Yes, I think you can.  I found myself in Sunny Bangkok (though today is like a rainy day in Cumbernauld - if you add on 30 degrees that is) battling a major case of jet lag and a sense of culture shock that feels a little bit like raw oysters sliding down your throat.  You want to do it but feel slightly sick as a result.

In a city where almost anything goes, I can't help feel like I've been parachuted into a mad social experiment and have no idea what will happen next. But, this is not a bad thing.  Its been said that if its your first time to SE Asia, then this is the place to start. It's a fusion of western and Asian culture, instantly recognizable but most certainly not what you expected.  The initiation is definitely worth it.

In 24 hours, the jet lag has abated but only slightly, and the attack on my senses is only just beginning. 

Spot on.

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Anonymous said...

And you're the one that wanted to fly halfway around the world to experience a rainy day in Cumbernauld. Sweet! LOL!

Just kidding, kiddo! Loving the blog....looking forward to the next bit! :)